Our Mission

We will develop content that helps increase awareness to improve health in the workplace. Our main goal is to Keep Work Healthy.

Who We Are

Keep Work Healthy was born during the COVID-19 crisis, as every company discussed the health and wellness of their workforces. We’ve created hundreds of training videos, brand films, commercials and animated explainers in the past 10 years and had an idea to write a ‘Post Pandemic’ film that could help companies reduce transmission as they get back to work. Share it with your friends and let us know your feedback. We’re a Texas based company, and we strive to raise the standards on how training content is delivered on video.

Our Future Plans

We hope to build more creative content to increase awareness about key steps any business can take to protect its workforce. The types of things we hope to cover are physical and mental health, safety, communication, hygiene and anything else that pertains to the improvement of a workforce's health. If you have a specific need for content, please contact us to share your ideas.

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